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Determining Financial Support For Co-Parents

When two people have a child together, they share financial responsibilities. Since co-parents often struggle to establish child support arrangements, South Dakota uses a child support calculator for amount determination. However, at Hope Matchan Law, we know how to challenge a court’s calculated results.

With more than two decades of litigation experience, our firm’s founding attorney can help you negotiate payments that best meet the needs of your family. Our lawyer’s advocacy can help you establish paternity, locate your children’s other parent and protect the best interests of your children after your divorce.

Factors Considered In Child Support Orders

Your parenting plan, or amount of time you spend with your children, is a consideration in determining support, as are the incomes of both parents. Parents must report salary, hourly wages, bonuses and earned commissions.

Additional sources of income a court may consider for your family include:

  • Capital gains
  • Earned interest
  • Stock dividends
  • Royalties
  • Military pay allowances
  • Rent

A parent’s failure to work generally does not absolve their obligations to meet their children’s needs, even if a parent is incarcerated. Meanwhile, out-of-work parents must report income from benefits such as workers’ compensation, unemployment insurance and Social Security.

Modify Support Orders When Circumstances Change

Once three years have passed, we can help you petition a court for a child support modification when your children’s needs no longer merit the amount ordered. Our firm can also help you establish a modified arrangement after a drastic change in your circumstances.

Establish Favorable Child Support Orders

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