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Nothing Is More Important Than Your Child

Regardless of whether you recently decided to dissolve your marriage or share children with someone you are not married to, do not let the courts dampen your parental rights. Our lawyer can help you develop a child custody plan that protects your relationship with your children and enables you to stay involved in their lives.

Spanning more than 25 years in practice, the founding attorney at Hope Matchan Law has helped numerous Sioux Falls parents in similar situations. We can educate you on your options and help you make family decisions that protect your best interests, as well as those of your children.

Trust Us To Strategize Your Child Custody Case

South Dakota judges typically believe children thrive when they maintain relationships with both parents, and will often rule on parenting time matters based on maintaining stability in the face of familial changes. Whether in or out of court, we can help you make a case based on considerations such as:

  • The ages of your children
  • Each parent’s living situation
  • Willingness to co-parent
  • Which parent the children prefer to live with
  • The quality of relationships each parent has with their children

We understand situations change over time. Our firm can help you modify the terms of your parenting time arrangement after your divorce if you find it no longer meets the needs of your family.

Talk With Our Attorney About Your Options

When you need to understand which legal strategy will best meet your needs, speak with the dedicated legal professionals at Hope Matchan Law. Your initial consultation is free, so there is no obligation in paying us a visit.

Email our firm or call 605-679-6359 today to learn more about how our tough legal strategies can help you both protect and expand your rights as a parent and caregiver.