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Weighing the benefits and drawbacks of shared parenting

On Behalf of | Aug 25, 2023 | Child Custody |

There is no single perfect solution to child custody, and each family will benefit from making decisions that are uniquely suited to their individual situations. You want what’s best for your kids, and you want to make sure that your children have stability and security. For this reason and others, you may decide that it is best to choose shared parenting, often called joint custody, for your family.

There are many benefits to parents sharing custody responsibilities, but there may also be some potential drawbacks as well. Before you make any decisions that could impact you and your family long-term, you will benefit from carefully considering all of your options and possible repercussions. The choices you make now could affect you and your loved ones for years to come.

Benefits of shared parenting

One of the primary benefits of shared parenting is that it allows the child to maintain regular contact with both parents after divorce, which is something that can benefit the kids. Sharing the responsibility can ease the burden on each parent, and it can provide the kids with a sense of stability as they move between homes. When parents are cooperative, it can reduce stress that kids may experience when their parents go through a divorce.

Drawbacks of shared parenting

One of the drawbacks of shared parenting is working closely with a former spouse. This is not always easy, especially in the immediate aftermath of the divorce. If you and the other parent cannot work together well, it can cause stress for your children. You may also find that your children do not do well going between homes frequently, and that this causes mental and emotional duress. Shared parenting will not work well if the parents are in constant conflict.

How can you know what is best?

Deciding on custody matters can be a complex issue, and there is often no single solution that will work best for every situation. In this case, it is beneficial for you to consider all of your options before moving forward with a single choice. Shared parenting can sometimes be beneficial, but for other South Dakota families, it is not the ideal choice. It may be in your interests to carefully consider how you and the other parent would work together and what will truly be in the best interests of your children.