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Appropriate expectations for child support

On Behalf of | Feb 13, 2022 | Child Support |

After a divorce, Sioux Falls parents will want to continue to care for and support their children as much as they can. In most cases, the parent who either retains primary custody or earns a higher income will make payments to the other in order to cover basic needs the child may have, such as food, clothing and more. The determination of child support generally depends on the details of the individual situation. 

If you are either the supporting parent or you believe you should be receiving child support from the other parent, it will be beneficial for you to learn how a court approaches this sensitive and potentially complex issue. You will also want to know what factors influence the payment amount. Whether you are the supporting parent or the recipient of child support payments, knowing your rights and having reasonable expectations can reduce the chance of complications.  

The calculation of child support 

There is no one-size-fits-all amount that a court grants for child support. Each situation is different, which means a court will consider the amount to mandate for this type of financial support on the basis of the individual details of the specific case. Your family is unique, and your kids may have needs that are specific to them. Things the court will consider when making a decision on child support include: 

  • Any health care needs or special needs the kids may have 
  • The amount earned by both parents 
  • How the children share time between the parents’ homes 
  • The financial capabilities of both parents 
  • The standard of living enjoyed by the child before the parents divorced 

The intent of child support is to provide for your children and to cover their basic needs, not leave you bankrupt and in financial crisis. If you are the supporting spouse, these amounts should be reasonable, based on your financial capabilities and other factors. 

Taking care of your children 

If you have concerns about child support, it may be helpful to learn as much as you can about the support laws and calculation standards in South Dakota. You have the right to pursue a payment amount that you believe is appropriate according to your financial capabilities and the unique needs of your children. The goal of any child support agreement is the protection of the best interests of the kids.